What we do on a daily basis is shaped by our subconscious habits. Most of what we actually do on our free time does not require significant cognitive horsepower. We spend our time doing things like walking, repetitive exercise, playing video games at a sub-par level, watching TV, etc.

Therefore, it makes sense to instill and reinforce good habits in regards to your emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness for a better life.

The way you instill and reinforce habits, is to simply do them consistently. Take a noble habit, make it into something easy and manageable, and do it consistently as if your life depended on it.

Doesn't matter if it doesn't get you any results. What matters is that you are building an identity around the fact that you never miss a day of your productive habits.

Worry about improving and seeing results after you've established that you never miss a day. Worrying about seeing results at the onset of a habit is just premature optimization.