Project Goals

To deliver a custom type logo solution that balances playful and professional characteristics while exuding an innate sense of high quality.

To properly capture the spirit of the product, the word mark also had to take into consideration these aspects:

  • Health Conscious
  • Efficient
  • Energetic
  • Convenient (Portable)
  • Quick

Early Direction

Creating a logo that portrays quality, approachability, and professionalism at first glance is rather difficult. A thorough examination of potential styles must be explored in order to discover a direction that enables an eight-letter word to encapsulate the three qualities.

Cross Roads between Sans-Serif and Script

The decision between choosing a brush-drawn look or a straight-forward sans serif was challenging. While a brush style makes for a unique logo, the style did not strike a balance between playful and professional, while capturing many of the other important aspects such as efficiency and convenience.

In addition, the brush style suffered in reduction due to its detailed stroke shapes, and it was essential that this logo performs well when placed on warping surfaces like product packaging.

Typographical Inspiration

After determining that straight forward letterforms made for a better logo in this specific context, I turned to a wide range of typefaces for inspiration. Namely, the three biggest influences were Gotham, Brandon Grotesque, and Bree.

Defining the letter K

Since a sans-serif style has more conventional letter forms, the biggest challenge was coming up with letters that possessed the geometric qualities of a professionally executed typeface but incorporates the uniqueness of a word mark.

Defining a unique letter skeleton for the K was pivotal; Dozens of possible skeletons were explored. Finally, I decided on one that meshed the flare of a rounded downstroke coming into the stem, and a straight outgoing stroke with a slab serif that sits flat on the baseline of the logo.

This K became the inspiration for much of the characteristics you see in the rest of the letters.

Redefining for better balance

The initial concepts after beginning to explore the sans-serif option included an oblique version of the logo:

The oblique one naturally made the logo appear too technical and too efficient. I opted to eliminate the inevitable edginess that an oblique wordmark innately represents. The alternative straight version incorporated the playful aspect of the letterforms more elegantly:

The resulting concept was pleasant to view at large resolutions, but when scaled down, the lack of white space in the counters of the ‘e’ and ‘o’ made the word difficult to parse. By pursuing thinner letterforms, beyond addressing the lack of white space inside the ‘e’ and ‘o’, it instantly made the logo more mature and sophisticated; a key aspect that was missing in the bulky concept.

Beyond this, many of the edits were fine adjustments to the letter shapes and perfecting the geometric frames of the letters.

Key Characteristics

  • Geometric Integrity:
  • The imperfect and inconsistent letter endings adds a layer of sophistication and makes the logo less clinical.
  • Scales well across a variety of sizes & performs on warping surfaces.