I just watched this Tim Ferris interview with Brené Brown and I was compelled to transcribe her words down in a blog post because it was remarkable.

Yes... I get to do extraordinary things... but we are all ordinary people. But sometimes, this world is tough because we shame and diminish ordinary: Ordinary lives or small lives. We chase extraordinary moments instead of being grateful.
Until... until... Hard-shit happens. In the face of really hard stuff – illness, death, loss — the only thing we're begging for is a normal moment. Can I please have that normal moment back? Can I please hear him come through the screen porch door? Can I please get a call from my mom or a crazy text?
Then we want those ordinary moments. But in them, with all the noise, it's about the extraordinary right now.

It's so easy to let this moment slip by unnoticed.

It's so easy to think that none of it really matters.

But it's good to keep in mind that our time is limited, and their time might be too. Every interaction we have with the friend in front of us, in that very moment, is a beautiful moment that is to be appreciated. It's all in the now. It's all about the ordinary moments right now.

Take a moment to be appreciative. Thanks to Tim and Brené for sharing this conversation.

Here's the video for reference: