In the US, the standard dining table height is 29.5" off the ground. For most people that are under the average height in the US (5'6" in my case), this is way too high to serve as an ergonomic position to use a computer.

It's fine for eating, for the most part, since we don't eat at length. But when using a computer, the desk needs to be a little bit lower.

My wife and I talked about getting a new dining table that would cost us several hundred dollars.

But then we'd have to figure out what to do with the old table. Then, I just figured, if I had a table saw, I could easily cut the legs by a bit, chamfer the edges, sand it down, apply some finish, and call it a day.

The table saw would cost me several hundred dollars. But it's a lot more useful than a dining table when we already have one. Sometimes the most optimal path is to simply take something that exists and iterate on it.

It's always worth considering the question: What can I do with what I have?