You are a human too.

Maybe the phrase "love yourself" has become cliché. But if you dig into the phrase a little bit, I feel there's a lot of significant meaning there.

It means to treat yourself with the same respect you'd treat others you care about. It means to be empathic, compassionate, and caring towards yourself, the same way you'd be empathetic, compassionate, and caring for your loved ones.

Go exercising, cause that's how you treat your body well. Let your mind explore and try new things to quench your creative thirst. Explore current or new hobbies or find a new passion project. The ideas are endless.

Basically, if a significant person in your life came up to you and said, "Hey, I'm thinking of trying ___." As long as that thing wasn't harmful to others or themselves, wouldn't you want them to try it, see what comes of it, learn from it, be invigorated by the process of learning, and watch them grow?

Yet, somehow, we find ourselves always doubting ourselves and getting in our own way instead of being that supportive friend that we are to others. Why is that?