Babies that are about a month old cry a lot.

But it's nothing personal.

It's not that you're a bad parent if your baby cries. It just means your baby is doing what baby knows how to do best. As a new parent, I've quickly discovered that crying is one of the few biological instincts that a one-month old baby has.

Why assume the baby has ill-willed intentions? That's silly. Every parent knows not to take it personally.

But, then, when it comes to adult life, we often tire ourselves out questioning the intent of other adults. When someone else lashes out, we wonder if it is due to some ill will towards us because other adults don't look like babies, and we know how capable we ourselves are of making rational decisions.

But the reality is, in most situations, other adults are dealing with their own demons and voices in their own heads that make them react to outside events in ways that are unpredictable to us. They don't think about what ill will they have towards you and make a calculated decision as to how to project their emotions on to you.

I like to think of this as the "crying baby" instinct. I think we all have it. When we are overwhelmed with emotion, not sure how to react, don't have a clear head, we often find ourselves falling back on poor behavioral patterns and hurt others around us who are willing to deal with it.

Most people mean well.

The others – the adults who continually inflict harm on those around them despite being aware of what they are doing — are purposefully deflecting the hatred and judgement they have toward themselves at others.

That's an unfortunate way to live life and I feel pity towards them.